L-R: United Way RRV President & CEO Paul Logli, PSB Brewery Director Reed Sjostrom, Woodward Business Unit President Sagar A. Patel, pictured with the new Left-Handed Monkey Wrench tap handle created by Woodward. // Photo G. Mays, WRTB

It looks like beer, it smells like beer, and it definitely tastes like beer…but it’s actually more!

Prairie Street Brewing Company’s latest IPA, Left-Handed Monkey Wrench, has been tapped and now available at the local brewery at 200 Prairie Street for a limited time, with 50 cents from every pint sold going to Woodward’s local United Way campaign! What does it taste like? There’s only one true and tested way to find out, but we’ll give it a shot:  an uplifting IPA with sharp, pine flavors that lift the bright grapefruit notes to a deliciously crisp finish!

Hurry, it’s only limited to a 7-barrel batch at the taproom!

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