SHOW DATE: Saturday & Sunday, January 16th and 17th, 2021

SEGMENT #1: Laura Gibbs Green Rockford Park District
Laura discusses this years’ Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition and why the dates changed, what to expect and who is participating. She also explains why the Light Displays at Nicholas Conservatory and other parks are still on and details on the all new Rocky The Snowman Building Competition in Rockford.

SEGMENT #2: Jeff Hultman Co-Chair of The Greater Rockford Growth Project
Jeff discusses the newly developed group The Greater Rockford Growth Group and its mission for the city of developing growth. The Rockford Development Group and Chamber of Commerce have joined together to form this initiative. Jeff discusses the people behind the idea, their goals for the area and how businesses have a voice through this group.

SEGMENT #3: Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara
This week, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara discusses disbanding the protestors outside City Hall and why he did it, the newly created 3% Cannabis Sales Tax and where the funds will be going thanks to meeting with the community, and the approach we will be taking as Covid-19 Mitigations loosen from level 3 to level 2 in the city and area.

SEGMENT #1: Michael Peyton, Communications/Family Counseling Services of Rockford  Michael discusses the services provided by Family Counseling Services of Rockford, how to reach them if you need help in any manner, and how to support them with...
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