Saturday & Sunday, September 25th & September 26th, 2021

SEGMENT #1: Mike Winters Harlem High School Coach
Local Harlem High School Basketball Coach Mike Winters has written a book which applies lessons from the Hardwood to Life and is on the Bestseller list with the likes of Steve Kerr and more. He shares his insight to helping local teams, schools and individuals on how to success and how to have the right mindset.

SEGMENT #2: Todd Reuber Branch Manager of Northern Illinois Food Bank  – September is Hunger Awareness Month and the Northern Illinois Food Bank is in need of volunteers, food, and awareness. We outline the needs and how individuals in food need can receive supplies. Todd also outlines local teams of volunteers like Hononegah High School and more.

SEGMENT #3: Karen Carlson, Executive Director of GiGi’s Playhouse Rockford – This week Karen Carlson outlines the all new fundraiser “Down In The 8-1-5” Sunday October 3rd from 1-5pm at the Rockford City Market Venue. She outlines the food trucks, the games, and the events. She also breaks down why the funds are needed and how they will be applied in Rockford at GiGi’s Playhouse.
Runtime: 6:45 Minutes

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