SHOW DATE: Saturday & Sunday, January 30th & 31th, 2021

Zack Saddlery of Lifescape Services of Illinois

Zack discusses Meals on Wheels Program for Seniors in 8 counties thru Northern Illinois, about the recent food distribution program thru Heartland Church from a private donation, and discusses how Lifescape has faired thru the pandemic, how important it is for seniors and how local community members can assist.

Belvidere Mayor Chamberlain discusses Belvidere 2021

Mayor Mike Chamberlain discusses the Forward Boone initiative and how the city is coming together top assist in vaccinations. How the Chrysler Plant and MAGNA Auto Suppliers are working with Swedish American Belvidere to distribute vaccinations among workers and in the community. He also discusses the status of the School and Health Departments in Belvidere and a new Valentines Day Card Community Project for Seniors in Belvidere.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara 

This week Mayor McNamara discusses the status of Hard Rock Casino talks downstate in Illinois, about COVID-19 vaccinations and why the positivity rate is lowering, and he thanks the city plowing departments for tremendous snow removal work in the city this season. In addition, talks about the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition in Sinnissippi Park.