SHOW DATE: Sunday, October 17- 18th, 2020


SEGMENT #1: Staff Sergeant Yahya U.S. Marines Rockford Recruiting
Staff Sergeant Yahya outlines what benefits you get from joining the Marines, If COVID has interrupted recruiting new men and women, the requirements to join, and why he became a Marine and what are the benefits..
Runtime: 4 Minutes

SEGMENT #2: John Groh Director of RACVB/Stroll on State 2020

This week, Rockford announced Stroll on State in happening for the community November 28th. Due to COVID-19, John outlines what is new, what are the changes, and why the Stateline needs this event now more than ever for local businesses and for peace of mind in 2020.


SEGMENT #3: Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara

This week, Tom discusses COVID Positivity rates, Virtual Family Peace Center Open House Virtual Sessions, The Newly Announced Co-Responder Pilot Program featuring Rockford Police and Rosecrance Social Workers, Stroll on State, and the recent shooting of a 3 year old on Court Street in Rockford.

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SHOW DATE: Sunday, September 13th, 2020     Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara  This week, Tom McNamar discusses reading for the Literacy Council, a $500,000 grant from state for Winnebago County to help battle violence to disabled women, the...