Segment #1: Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag 
We discuss the cities response to Covid-19, what the city is doing to help local businesses, and the construction progress on I-90 at 14 and 26 Milton in his area.
Segment #2: Freeport Mayor Jodie Miller 
Jodi and I discuss the efforts in battling Covid-19 and the protests that rocked their city and how she plans on settling the unrest in Freeport moving forward.

Segment #3: Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara
Tom and I discuss his view on the protests in downtown Rockford, his communication with organizations, police and leaders to address needs of the community. Also states why he did not instate a curfew like other cities like Freeport had to. We address Covid -19 and Phase 3 progress in the city. Finally, he addresses change moving forward in Rockford to conclude.