5 Things to Know from The Morning Stampede with Steve Summers and Ryan Sartori

Friday, June 28

1. Steve is still trying to assemble the largest ever crowd at a men’s slow-pitch softball game as he promotes Ryan’s weekend plans.

2. You’ve heard of “Barbenheimer” but this year’s blockbuster films might have a better double feature name. Ryan explains.

3. Then Steve and Ryan welcomed Ted O’Donnell from the 4th of July Civic Committee to talk about this year’s HUGE 4th of July display for the Rockford Area

4. We emptied out the tank for the week on Country Thunder tickets with “Smashed Up Smash Hit”

5. We gave our final keyword of the month in our giveaway for the Nashville travel voucher with the Chicago/Rockford International Airport

  • We start a whole new giveaway in the month of July! Stay on your toes at 7:30 every morning!

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