The Morning Stampede with Steve Summers and Ryan Sartori

November 23

6:00 Hour

– Bull Bar Bingo is TONIGHT at Baseball Tap from 5:30 – 7:30.  Not only do you have a chance at winning cash and tickets, WERE GIVING AWAY TURKEYS, BABY!

  • Chelsea Meyer and Ryan Sartori host

– Kevin Haas from Rock River Current gives us three things to know from his news room and we catch up on sports, weather and traffic in the stateline.

A study of 2,000 people done by Mattress Firm lists the most annoying things visitors do in your home.

  • Arrive unannounced or without an invitation 49%
    Snoop around 48%
    Break/damage host’s belongings 48%
    Leave a mess when departing 45%
    Be too loud 45%
    Smoke 44%
    Leave a mess in the bathroom 40%
    Stay up all night watching TV with volume up high 39%
    Come back drunk 39%
    Be too demanding 39%

7:00 Hour

-We gave the Butterball Hotline a call to help answer your turkey related questions a little early this year. Have your own questions? 1-800-BUTTERBALL is the number to call.

-We gave you a chance to see Brantley Gilbert and 5 Finger Death Punch on December 2nd in Madison.

– We can’t just give you one side of the story, so we gave ole Jenny-O a call to see what questions their turkey experts could answer. 1-800-TURKEYS

8:00 Hour

– What are Steve and Ryan doing for our Thanksgivings? Well… Ryan has 4 Thanksgivings to attend in 3 different towns while Steve two celebrations as far away as Milwaukee. Yay us.

– Our friend Thomas Gomez stops by for Wheelin’ Wednesdays to talk about who might be voted NASCAR’s most popular driver.

-Bullseye Free Money Game

9:00 Hour

-Lauren Davis from Winnebago Buy Local Committee stops buy to inform us on how we can be better buyers of local product.

-Rockford Mayor Thomas McNamara stopped by to share his thoughts on Thanksgiving.



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