The Morning Stampede with Steve Summers and Ryan Sartori

Monday, September 18

5 Things to Know from the Show

1. Plenty of “National Days” to Celebrate today including National Rice Krispies Day, National Burger Day and National First Love Day!

2. Steve’s getting ready to leave the show for a week so he can prepare for his daughter’s wedding, and Ryan warned Steve of a new version of himself that Steve will meet for the first time this Saturday night.

3. We had you decode a Smashed Up Smash Hit for your tickets to see George Strait and Chris Stapleton in Chicago next year!  We’ll do that every day this week at 8:15am!

4. Corporate “business speak” has to be one of the more annoying things that has found it’s way into our lives. We broke down the 10 most annoying phrases!

5. Bull Bits today taught us how pumpkin spice can be healthy for your diet!

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