By Chelsea Meyer
B103 Rockford
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ROCKFORD — So, here I was in the cereal aisle of Meijer on Perryville Road, grabbing my box of Frosted Mini Wheats, when I came to the end to go into the next aisle and I see what says, “Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal.” Instantly I knew what had to be done, I threw a box in my cart and moved on.

I get home and I’m thinking, “what did I just do? I’m not a child anymore this cereal is probably going to be the grossest thing ever.”

Truthfully, it wasn’t.

It actually tastes like a legit Wendy’s Frosty. It’s made up of these chocolate-flavored marshmallow pieces mixed with crispy, cocoa-coated round cereal bites. One of the coolest parts is that each box includes an offer for a free small Frosty or Frosty-ccino when you make any purchase on the Wendy’s app.

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I was honestly surprised with how much sugar is on the label, but still it was a delicious snack. As for my Mini Wheats — those have yet to be opened, and I’ve been snacking on this family size box of Wendy’s Frosty cereal every morning.

I’m sure other local grocers have this cereal but if you’re looking, Meijer on Perryville has a ton of boxes left. Well, at least when I was there.

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