Here are today’s Nerd News! headlines:

Hotcake-station: The Playstation 5 preorder started back in September, and Sony is reporting ridiculous demand for their new console, saying more sold in the first twelve hours than for the first twelve WEEKS of the PS4.. so good luck getting one of those for Christmas this year.

Not-So-Rando-lorian: And the Mandalorian Season 2 starts tomorrow on Disney Plus. If you remember the first season of the Star Wars series came out in kind of a goofy schedule (no pun intended, Disney). The episodes came out on Tuesdays, sometimes Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays… this season, says Disney, will come out on eight straight Fridays.

Sassy Laughs: And the creators of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a new show on Youtube called “Sassy Justice” … It’s done with Deep Faked celebrities, including Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg, playing these weird characters. The first episode, appropriately enough, is all about deep fakes. You can read more (careful about NSFW content) here