Photo Courtesy of Fred VanVleet Twitter

I just opened Twitter to see a tweet from Rockford’s Very Own Fred VanVleet. As everyone knows he resigned with the Toronto Raptors, a new contract deal of a whopping $85 million dollars for the next four years. On Monday, December 21st, VanVleet made an announcement by sending out a tweet saying, “Parlay. The next bet. The off-season documentary coming soon.”

So I went to the Par-Lay website and there’s no info on when it’s coming out yet but there are two images, one being Fred! I think it’s safe to assume the series will be about VanVleet growing up in his hometown of Rockford, his family, and how he got to where he is now. 

Par-Lay’s Instagram is even a tease! There isn’t a set date as to when “The Next Bet” will debut, all it says in the caption is, “Coming soon.”

At least we will have something to in 2021!

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